Written by NPC DataGuard
on January 18, 2022

As someone who operates in the financial industry, you are entrusted with an abundance of client information and sensitive data. Personally identifiable information (PII) is of tremendous value to cyber criminals and access to it makes you a target for cyber attacks. Being unprepared or under-protected can leave you vulnerable to malware, ransomware, phishing, stolen credentials, and more, not to mention the effect that it would have on your reputation and most importantly your clients.


Large Companies and Small Firms Are Both Vulnerable

The risk of being targeted for a cyber attack isn’t only for enterprise organizations. Large companies store more data, but they also have a lot more experience and resources dedicated to improving cybersecurity and recovering from a cyber attack.
As a small business professional, your focus is on running your business and serving clients. This leaves little time to stay informed of the latest cyber threats and to implement a strong defense strategy. Making you more vulnerable than a larger company that has dedicated resources and in comparison an easier target in the eyes of the cyber criminals.


Data Breaches Must Be Reported

Any data breach that poses a real risk of significant harm to an individual must be reported and disclosed, including (but not limited to) financial loss, identity theft, impacts to credit rating, damage to reputation or relationships, and loss of employment, business, or professional opportunities.

Prevention is your best defense against the worst-case scenario of having to report to your clients, and to have to remediate the effects of a cyber attack.


Rules May Vary But the Goal is the Same

Privacy compliance requirements can be complicated as they are often technical and evolving, but the overarching guidelines require PII to be kept safe and secure.

At NPC, we work with clients especially in financial services with different compliance requirements and we understand how challenging it is to meet these requirements. We don’t believe you should do it alone. Our top priority is the protection of your business and your client’s information. We’ve designed a secure computing solution that is setup, security tested, and managed by our security experts to help you exceed compliance regulations.  

Let us alleviate the pressure on you to protect client data so that you can focus on building your business. Book a call today with an NPC representative and find out what NPC DataGuard can do you. 

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